ESTA formalities for a trip to the United States of America

The formalities required for all French nationals wishing to travel to the USA have been simplified thanks to the creation of the Visa Waiver Program. In fact, instead of a complex, expensive and slow visa application procedure, the traveler just needs to proceed with an ESTA application. The process must be done online; it is simple, fast and the fees are very affordable. To obtain the ESTA, and enter the United States without any problem, you must have a valid biometric or electronic passport.

The ESTA form is available on specialized websites as well as on the official website of the American government. It is the only step to take for your stay in the USA. It should be noted that for a stay of more than 90 days or for any other reason than business, tourism or transit, it is necessary to apply for a US visa.

Information on obtaining ESTA

The ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization is a travel authorization required for nationals of countries concerned by the VWP in order to travel to the United States without a USA visa. It was put in place to strengthen border security measures.

Il existe plusieurs critères d’admissibilité afin de recevoir cette autorisation. Vous devez obligatoirement partir aux USA dans le cadre d’un séjour pour affaires, tourisme ou transit, pendant 90 jours maximum. L’autorisation accordée est valable durant 2 ans et pour plusieurs entrées aux États-Unis d’Amérique dans la limite de 90 jours. Toutefois, l’ESTA ne sera plus utilisable et devra être renouvelé à compter du jour où le passeport expirera ou si exceptionnellement l’autorisation est annulée par les autorités compétentes. Une autorisation peut être annulée si vous avez changé de nom de famille ou que vous possédez un nouveau passeport par exemple.

Any renewal of authorization must be the subject of a new procedure and a new file. The ESTA request must be requested exclusively online and at least 72 hours before the desired departure. We advise you to do this as soon as possible, because if you make a mistake in the information requested or if you do not meet the required conditions (long stay, studies or work…), it will take you more time to re-apply for ESTA authorization or visa application at the US Embassy. Many specialized sites offer help and assistance to travelers in this process, more particularly in the online request for the ESTA form which must be carried out with the greatest care, without error or omission.

The ESTA form for a stay in the United States

Applying for ESTA is very simple, all the traveler has to do is fill out an online form. It remains to determine on which site you wish to carry out this process. If you do not wish to have access to assistance, you may order your authorization on the US Government website. Need help ? Many specialized sites are able to help you with this formality.

The only documents required are the electronic or biometric passport as well as a credit card, essential for the validation of the form.

On a private website, a simplified ESTA form will be proposed to you in order to gather the information necessary for your ESTA application (valid passport number, first name, date of birth, etc.). You will receive an answer very quickly. In general, U.S. authorities process requests within 72 hours. The ESTA document is valid for two years, which allows you to make several trips to the United States.